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About Us
Akarta Exports is one of the largest and most experienced exporters in India. So, who are we, and what can we bring to the table? Let us explain!
Akarta Exports was founded as a multi product exporters. The roots of our company can be traced back to the early 1900s. In fact, our company is now a sixth generation business. Sure, our company has gone through several changes over the past century, however, we have always remained committed to the quality of product that we can deliver to our customers.
Our company exports several different products as we want to make the lives of the people that we work with much easier. It ensures that many companies can source everything that they need under one roof. There is absolutely no need to jump from company to company if you do not wish to do so.
Why work with us?
There are several reasons as to why you should opt to work with Akarta Exports. This includes:
The Experience:
we have been in this business for a long time now. This means that we have refined our process to the point where we are confident we can offer the best purchasing experience from start to finish. We want to make your transaction nice and smooth.
Company You Can Trust
We are a government approved company with ISO 9001:2015 in place with a century of Experiece,


Products shipped with Akarta comes with peace of mind for quality, documentation and process.

Different Packing
We know that not everybody is after the same type of packaging. Some companies may want larger packs etc. You can be sure that Akarta Exports has several different packing types available which are perfect for you.
We have a QA Department in place
This ensures that any of the products that we offer here at Akarta Exports are among the best around. Our QA department knows what they are on the lookout for when it comes to the quality of products. 
Our Parent Company
Our parent company is Ibiixo. This company is born out of the company which was founded way back in the early 1900s. Ibiixo also has several other companies under its ‘banned’. This includes:
Ibiixo Technologies
This part of our company is all about offering web design services and application services. Work with Ibiixo Technologies, and we can design you a quality website or application from the ground up. Our company helps to make people money.
Ibiixo Business Solutions
This part of our company is all about offering quality services including data entry, accounting, and a lot more. Basically, we aim to make the lives of the companies that we work with a bit easier.
To begin working with the team here at Akarta Exports, or maybe to work with one of the other companies that we operate here at Ibiixo, please do not hesitate to pick up the telephone and give us a call today. We would love to help you get your business importing products from India.
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Welcome to Akarta Exports, part of the Ibiixo Group. Here, we are one of the largest exporters in India.

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