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Are you into import business for wire nails? Akarta can be the paramount exporters for your business.

Akarta – Wire Nails Exporter:

Akarta is an international business which helps you in importing Wire Nails from all over the world. We are the part of ibiixo groups of companies and serves business in numerous ways since the 1900s. We are one of the most reputed and trusted names all over the globe for wire nails exporting.

This is possible as our customers trust us for our services. We can go long miles to deliver the best quality products. We can provide you with enormous choices for wire nails as we have a vast network of wire nail manufacturers. It means that you can get a large variety of wire nails at one place.

What We Provide?

Round Wire Nail : 

If you are not concerned about the appearance of wire nails, then round head nails are for you. It is mainly for rough carpentry and good strength. They are in 20 – 150 MM
(0.75 – 6 in) sizes.

Oval Wire Nail : 

If appearance matters in your work than oval wire nail are for you. It is most suitable for joinery work as it can easily be punched below the surface. Available in 12-150 MM (0.5 – 6 in).

Tack Wire Nail :

If you want to fix carpet in the ground or widen fabric to wood, tack is for you. It looks short with a wide & flat head.

Panel Pin Nail :

It is very light in weight which is mainly used for making cabinets or fixing small moldings.

Square Twisted Nail :

It has more grip like a permanent screw than simple nails. It gets twisted into woods. Comparing all nails, this is a bit costly.

Annular Nail : 

It has sharp ridges which give a tight grip in the wood. It is more used when strong joints are required.

Import Wire Nail from Akarta – WHY?

We believe that the growth of our customer is the growth of our business. We always want our customers to grow first. The key advantage you can have with our business is that we do not deal with one manufacturer.

We deal with numbers of wire nail makers to give you wire nail of your choice at the best market rate possible. As we deal with the number of wire nail makers, you can import wire nail of your choice at an affordable rate from Akarta Exports.

We only believe in delivering the excellent wire nails as we have highly qualified Quality Assurance (QA) team here at Akarta Exports. Our QA team is so very well trained and they do their jobs in a very impressive manner. We do not compromise with the quality we export from our premises as we care a lot about our client’s investment and their business.

 So you can believe us for huge variety, best market rate and of course the superior quality.


Best Quality, Best Price : 

Wire Nails from Akarta Exports are available at a reasonable price, without compromising the quality.

Custom Sizing & Heads :

If available wire nails do not fulfill your purpose, Akarta can get it customized for you in terms of size and head design.

Furniture to Aircraft :

Whether you are carpenter or aircraft engineer, Akarta Exports can provide you all kind of wire nails and fasteners.

Precision Guaranteed :

The design, size or quantity of wire nails which you are ordering, will be delivered to you for sure.

Custom Packing :

Wire Nails are packed and exported as you need since Akarta Exports always take very good care of their clients and their convenience. Get in touch with Akarta today to find out more.

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Welcome to Akarta Exports, part of the Ibiixo Group. Here, we are one of the largest exporters in India.

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