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Vitrified tiles have so many points to verify before you can choose the right product, worry not, Akarta does it all for you!
Here at Akarta Exports,
we know how difficult it can be for you to get your hands on quality Vitrified Tiles. This is why our team go to great lengths to source some of the highest quality vitrified tiles in India and export them around the globe. In fact, we are so good at what we do, we have quickly become one of the top companies in India when it comes to vitrified tiles exporters.

Types of Vitrified Tiles We Supply

There are several different types of vitrified tile we keep in stock here. Here is the list!
Double charged vitrified tiles:
With this, two different colours are fed into a machine. This creates a gorgeous double colour design on the tile. These tiles are perfect if an area tends to get a lot of traffic.
Full body vitrified tiles:
These tiles have the colour not only on the top of the tile, but it goes deep into the tile too. One of the major benefits of this type of tile is that any scratches will be nigh on invisible. Again, this is a tile which is going to be great if the area tends to get a lot of traffic.
Soluble salt vitrified tiles:
The colour printing is done before the tile goes through its final firing. This creates gorgeous patterns on the tile.
Glazed body vitrified tile:
These are finished with a layer of glass on the top. This adds a touch of shine. Due to the way in which these tiles are made, they are very resilient against stains.
Why Buy Vitrified Tiles from Akarta Exports?
The major benefit is that we do not just work with a single manufacturer here. Anybody who has worked with us will know that we deal with over fifty different manufacturer of tiles. The major benefit here is that we can offer one of the largest selections of export tiles in the industry. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure that we maintain a high number of tiles that we can export.
In addition to this, we have strict quality assurance measures in place for the tiles that we sell here at Akarta Exports. We have a QA team that works strictly in our tile department. Their job is to ensure that we are only exporting high quality tiles from our premises.
We would not have it any other way. After all, our clients want to know that what they are receiving is of the highest quality possible!
To cap it all off; we know what we are doing. We have been exporting tiles from India for years now. We know exactly what our clients want. We also know how to get it to them quickly. To cap it off; we also make sure that we offer some of the best prices in the industry. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure that our prices always remain competitive.

Get in touch with Akarta today to find out more.

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